My husband and I wanted to get new flooring in our home and had wanted to for awhile. We had thought about doing it ourselves, but we just weren’t good at do-it-yourself projects. We also have allergies that are pretty severe and didn’t know what we would be getting into as far as the dust and pulling up the carpet. We decided it would be best to hire someone to do this work for us.

I went online and started searching around for floor removal services in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I wanted to find a company that would do the job for us and not charge too much. I also wanted to make sure they would do their best to clean up the dust and dirt so my husband and I weren’t affected by it. I looked at the companies that were in the area that did this work and a few of them I had heard of. I wasn’t sure what type of work they did so I looked at the reviews I could find for them. I read some good things about all the companies and figured it would just be best if I called around to see what they would charge. View the city’s website here.Pembroke Pines,Florida

I called each and every company to get an estimate over the phone. I got varying prices for the work we wanted to have done. I decided to go with the cheapest company because I had still read great things about them in the reviews I found. I called them back and made an appointment with them to get the work done.

This company was able to start working on my flooring removal the next day while my husband and I were both at work. We had hoped they would make sure the dust and everything was cleaned as they went so we didn’t suffer from any allergies or allergy attacks.

When we got home from work we were really happy with the job they did on removing our floors. Everything was nice and cleaned up and we didn’t have any issues with our allergies because of the carpet. I am happy with the work this company did and since I based my hiring decision on the reviews I read, I went back to Google and left a review for them so other potential customers could know what a good job they did.